Lincoln Center Redevelopment


Lincoln Center Constituent Development Project


Manhattan, NY


Education / Institutions


Civil Engineering, Transportation Planning

The Lincoln Center Redevelopment Master Plan was a ten-year phased redevelopment of Lincoln Center’s 16-acre campus, including many of the center’s nine major cultural centers as well as modifications to on-site circulation and surrounding roadways. PHA was the project’s transportation planner and civil engineer, and also prepared the Environmental Assessment Statement (EAS) for the redevelopment. As the project’s transportation planner, PHA conducted studies of pedestrian, vehicular and parking systems for the 12,000-seat campus to establish transportation planning criteria for the master plan. The firm also developed new (retrofitted) internal vehicle parking and pedestrian circulation plans. Other recommendations included the modification of the Lincoln Center “Bow-Tie” to facilitate traffic and pedestrian flows as well as changes to the Columbus Avenue drop-off.  As the project’s civil engineer, PHA designed changes to the Columbus Avenue drop-off, the narrowing of West 65th Street, and other roadway improvements.

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