Pier 97


Hudson River Park Trust


Manhattan, NY


Parks / Plazas, Waterfront


Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering

The Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) is redeveloping Pier 97 and an adjacent area along the riverfront just north of the pier. The project will include new recreation areas, including a playfield, a fountain play feature, and various landscaped zones, as well as a comfort station and concession area. The pier will also provide mooring for historic ships. PHA is providing civil and traffic engineering services as part of the design team led by !melk Landscape Architects.

PHA’s responsibilities include site grading and drainage design. PHA is developing the bikeway corridor reconstruction plans for HRPT and NYSDOT, including geometry, pavement design, and striping and signage. PHA is also preparing the site access plans, including access for emergency and maintenance vehicles.

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